Welcome to Now Hosting

No technical knowledge? No problem!

Our web site builder is super simple to use. It can take just 30 minutes to design, build and publish your site without the need for additional software or complicated programmes.

Ecommerce Included

Our free site builder includes online store features so you can sell your products online with ease

SEO Friendly

With full control of your sites title, URL's and meta tags, you can easily optimise your site for the best possible SEO experience

Embed Media and Video

Our free site builder allows you to simply add all kinds of media to your site. Just drag and drop your YouTube video or images

Social Integration

Sharing is caring! It's never been so easy to add social media presence to your beautiful website. Simple integration

Analytics and Monitoring

Our site builder makes it easy for you to add Google Analytics tracking to all your pages with just a click of a button

Drag and Drop

Using the drag and drop interface combined with the WYSIWYG editor, you have full control over the content of your website

Need help migrating?

Want to move to Now Hosting but don't have the time or knowledge to migrate your site? We've got you covered! We'll transfer your entire website, email accounts and all over to our servers absolutely free! We'll even test everything to make sure it's working properly.

Create and Contact

Create your account and select your hosting package with Now Hosting and then contact our dedicated support team to give them access to your current hosting provider

Make a brew and relax

Now you can sit back, relax and enjoy a well earned cup of tea. Our dedicated migration team will get to work moving everything over to our servers while you take it easy

Test and Deploy

As soon as we're done, we'll let you know! Then all that's left is to check you're happy with everything and update your domain name - which we'll even do for you

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